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Our Art in the Park artists

Art in the Park 2023 Charity of Choice

Hayley Elliott-Kernot is The Prince’s Trust young artist at this year’s Art in the Park event. The talented young artist is also an illustrator and author of children’s books. Hayley joins the eight young artists from last year who are all back exhibiting at the event again in 2023.

Hayley is a talented young author, artist and illustrator whose work is about to be showcased on the world stage.

The young entrepreneur was funded from He Kākano to support her writing and artistic work and is so talented she was commissioned to create a piece of art for The Prince’s Trust Global Gala in New York.

A limited edition run of the artwork has been produced in New York -  the original painting has also sold.

Hayley says,

“The Prince’s Trust has been so incredibly helpful and generous - it is a bit mind blowing.”

Eight young artists given a unique opportunity to showcase their talent at Art in the Park, 2022

The Enterprise Programme has helped me gain clarity and a sense of direction as an artist, in the most supportive and encouraging way.

Megan Beattie

Beth Xia



It’s a really exciting opportunity to exhibit my work and to get to meet all the other amazing artists! It also gives me a goal to work towards and motivates me to produce more exciting work and more considered presentations. I really look forward to it.

It’s a great workshop that presented us with a lot of opportunities and thinking skills. It’s also really valuable to exchange insights with other participants!


Sam Gilmour



This opportunity is amazing for up and coming artists and I am very grateful to be able to participate. Not only does it give me a platform to show my art, it also gives me the confidence to pursue art as a career.

To be exhibiting at the show alongside some of New Zealand’s best contemporary artists is a dream come true. I cannot wait to be immersed in Art in the Park this September!

The Prince’s Trust Art and Enterprise programme was a well-structured and informative course, which connected me with other like-minded, up and coming artists.

Participating in the course has greatly enhanced my knowledge of building a business and given me the confidence to pursue my art making professionally.


Logan Bow



The opportunity of exhibiting some of my works at Art in the Park is completely revolutionary towards my artistic journey. It will be the first time exhibiting alongside inspiring, world-class artists.

This unprecedented opportunity will really push my confidence as an artist: being surrounded by some many like-minded people.

I am super enthusiastic and I want to make the most of this amazing event. Sharing a booth with seven other emerging artists is a great idea and I am thoroughly excited to share and talk about our artistic endeavours.

The Prince’s Trust programme provides an extremely good opportunity to develop personal artistic endeavours. I am overjoyed and fortunate to be part of the Enterprise Scheme.


Sven Clarkson



Being able to showcase a collection of work at such an iconic venue is the single most terrifying and thrilling experience of my emerging career to date. Putting myself and my work out in the public eye at this level is super exciting and I cannot comprehend the amazing connections and people I will get to meet over the weekend.         

I’m honoured and incredibly grateful for the interactions that have led to this exciting opportunity to represent The Prince’s Trust and displaying at NZ’s largest art Show. I'm just stoked to be here. Incredible people moving mountains and giving so much knowledge and accessibility to young emerging creatives and makers.


Natalie Gelder



Such an awesome way to hook us up to connections in our preferred field, with such flexibility to hone in on what we really want to be known for.

I'm really grateful for being considered knowing we really need exposure right now to a large number of people to try and find our odds with the right customer or gallery base.

The Prince’s Trust is really are trying to help get you where you want to be, I was a bit taken back by how much they really are trying to give you and guide you with what you need to succeed and if they don't have directly what you need, they try to source it wherever it's available.

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Megan Beattie



“The Enterprise Programme has helped me gain clarity and a sense of direction as an artist, in the most supportive and encouraging way.”

I couldn’t be more excited about the opportunity to exhibit my work at this year’s Art in the Park. It’s the push I need to step out of my comfort zone and put my art of public display. It will be so valuable to see how my work is received by the public, as so far I’ve only displayed pictures of my drawings on IG. Exhibiting for the first time alongside other artists from the Enterprise Programme makes the whole experience far less daunting. I’m also really looking forward to meeting other amazing artists there who I’ve admired on social media.


Jessie Kanji



Art in the Park will allow me to meet fellow artists, established in their practice and gain insight into developing a sustainable artistic career. It will also give me the chance to display my work to a wide range of audiences and gain valuable feedback on my art. I very much look forward to participating in art in the park this September.

The Prince’s Trust Art and Enterprise Programme allows young entrepreneurs to follow their passions and forge a sustainable career path.  |  Facebook  |  Instagram

Kyle Ratana



Kia ora, I would just like to say a huge thankyou to everyone involved in creating this beautiful Kaupapa to awhi and support us emerging artists here in Aotearoa and giving us this incredible opportunity to showcase our mahi with so many other incredibly talented creatives.

This opportunity means the world to me and my whānau as it allows me to turn my dreams into a reality and start progressing my passion into a prosperous career. Nga mihi whanau. So thankful and grateful for this true blessing

For any of my creative people out there wanting to turn their passion into a sustainable future for them and their whanau, jump on board this amazing waka and see where this journey takes you. The opportunities that come your way when you are involved with the PTNZ whanau will blow you away and take you to the stars.

This course really ignited my fire and has got me taking the steps I need to make my dreams come true.

Nga mihi whānau. So thankful and grateful for this true blessing.

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