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Abby Green and Alex Livingstone

Abalro Health Limited

Teens solving a teenage problem is how Abalro Health’s Alex Livingstone and Abby Green’s view their 100% natural anti-acne powder.

The compound made from barberries also has an abundance of other health benefits including the high level of antioxidants that far exceeds other superfoods like blueberries or acai berries. 

The young entrepreneurs were funded recently from He Kākano to support business expansion and say, “we might be a bit biased but we love the taste of our barberries added to our smoothies and muesli. They have a similar taste to a cranberry with a bitter but delicious kick.”

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As a business we really value connection so it’s great to come in and be able to meet some new business mentors and get some new perspectives on where we’re looking at developing the business.