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Hannah Koumakis

Dear The Series

Ever since Hannah was young, she’s had a passion for people and business.

Combining the two was a dream of for you and creating a business focused on bettering people's health and encouraging them to grow.

After many business ideas and attempts, Hannah heard someone say, 'create a business where you are marginally better than others.'  Hannah didn’t feel like she was better than anyone at anything until she realised her love and passion for journaling.

Over a lifetime, Hannah has gone through 20 different journals and knew the power journaling held for her — the power to let your emotions be transcribed into words. She wanted more people to experience this power, and my Dear The Series was launched.

Dear The Series is a collection of guided journals designed to encourage individuals to learn more about themselves. Each journal comprises 120 prompted questions, all uniquely and specifically designed to help others in their journey through navigating life. With two published journals, Dear Future and Dear Me, Hannah is excited to launch many more that will encourage and inspire people across the world.

Everything is in your mind and it’s so good to put down on paper to maybe ease pain, that’s what I wanted people to feel from a guided journal