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Tyson Nemukula


Young kiwi entrepreneur named as International Award Winner

For the first time ever a young entrepreneur from The Prince’s Trust Aotearoa New Zealand (soon to be become The King’s Trust Aotearoa New Zealand) has won one of the Trust’s top international awards.

Tyson is a talented self-taught musician and producer who runs his own music production company, InDuna. His success comes after years of fighting against the odds, defying the demons of a childhood scarred by hardship.  

Tyson was born into poverty in South Africa and spent years in an orphanage there before being adopted as a teenager and moving to New Zealand. When his adoptive placement broke down, he found himself entirely alone in a new country, and was taken into state care. 

Alongside this emotional upheaval, Tyson’s education was disrupted by dyslexia, bullying and language difficulties, and he left school barely able to read or write. 

But Tyson, now 26, has drawn on immense reserves of strength and resilience to overcome these hurdles, and has found both solace and purpose in making music. His single, Dreams, reached number six in the national music charts. 

In 2024, Tyson was named The Prince’s Trust Global Young Achiever. The Enterprise programme, run by The Prince’s Trust Aotearoa New Zealand, provided Tyson with the knowledge, mentoring, networking and financial support to grow his fledgeling business.  

Tyson will be presented his award at 20th anniversary of The Prince’s Trust Awards in London in May this year.

Funding & mentorship is really important because it’s one of my first endeavours of many to come, so it’s bascially the start/seed of all the crazy stuff that I’ll be up to.