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Zach Stephenson 

Balmanno Sportwear

 Appalled at the pollution caused by fast fashion, Zach, 29, has set up his own eco-friendly sportswear brand, Balmanno, turning plastic bottles into activewear. 

Zach’s clothing is made from recycled plastic bottles that are shredded, melted down, spun into thread and woven into fabric.

Zach’s approach embodies sustainability, ensuring minimal environmental impact at every stage. His raw materials are recycled, his designs focus on quality and durability so that his garments last, and his packaging materials are made from compostable corn starch and recycled cardboard.  

I created Balmanno after witnessing the environmental impact and toxicity in the fashion industry... It became evident to me that there was a critical need for change. Zach said.

The Prince’s Trust’s Enterprise programme, and a grant from the He Kākano seed fund, has helped Zach to develop his business plan and expand his product line.

Before joining the programme, Zach had only five activewear products, all for men. Just one year later, he has expanded to sell over 60 different products for both men and women. Alongside his own online sales, he now also sells his products through a major sporting retailer, Rebel Sport.

The Enterprise programme, run by Prince’s Trust Aotearoa New Zealand, aims to empower aspiring young entrepreneurs to turn good ideas into good businesses. It includes a basic business training workshop, mentoring and networking support, and the opportunity to apply for grants from the He Kākano fund.

“We try to focus on sustainability; our products are made from recycled consumer waste. The sportswear is made from recycled bottles collected from oceans, landfill and industrial plants. ”